With a rustic aspect, and at the same time sophisticated, choosing the tricolor rug to decorate the environment is the ideal choice if you are looking for harmony and want to add value, sophistication and style to any piece. (He adapts and talks to any environment!)


In addition to being a classic and timeless item, another reason that leads the recurring search for architects and decorators for this item is its ability to balance the colors of the environment.


For example, if the piece is too dark, a light skin brings back the natural balance and brightens.


Because it is a natural product, it is important to note that leather has its own aroma and variations in tone and texture, among other characteristic features of each article.


These aspects, as well as natural marks of the field, wrinkles, scars and insect bites are not considered defects, but rather characteristic of the originality of the material, making it unique and its

Exotic Tricolor Rug

SKU: ECY286.1573

    The photos published on the Empório Yurgel website are illustrative. That is, we will send a similar rug because there are not two identical carpets.

    There will always be a small variation in colors and sizes.

    Our skins have an average of 3.40 m² and measure approximately 2.10 x 2.0 meters.

    Any scratches and small holes are NOT defective, but rather attest to the origin of the product.

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